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Project Description
An image manager plugin for CKEditor that uses Michiel Posts Silverlight uploader Control (

The source included has some example code for ASP.NET MVC but is easy enough to understand and port.

It uses JQuery to make ajax requests

The image manager uses JQuery accordion to provide the 3 step, The first is image uploading using the excellent multifile silverlight upload control from Michiel Post.
The second step shows the files in the designated directory and the 3rd is to set the alt tag and height and width of the image.

The code includes a ServiceController for the mvc framework, which includes code to generate the images of the specified size.

I have included everything you need to get going, including version 3 of Michiels Control Supporting files, JQuery Jquery UI + supporting files and the plugin.

You will find the plugin inside the Script->ckeditor->plugins->silverlightimage

*Add caching to the Thumbnail generation.
*Reload the selected image properties
*Remove the 'magic' strings.
*Tree View of folders and create folders in the root folder

Copy the ServiceController to your Controller folder (if using mvc) or create your own server side code
Copy the silverlightimage folder into your plugin directory for CKEditor

add to config.js within the ckeditor directory

config.extraPlugins = 'SilverlightImage';

add the button



config.toolbar_Custom =
['Bold', 'Italic', 'Underline', 'Strike', '-', 'NumberedList', 'BulletedList', '-', 'Link', 'Unlink', 'SilverlightImage', 'MediaEmbed'

I also diabled the inline resizing as I plan to create my own version that uses the thumbnail generator and disabled the context menu (build 3.1 of CKEditor cannot disable the context menu, so I had to get the nightly build until 3.2 is released)
config.removePlugins = 'scayt,contextmenu';
config.disableObjectResizing = true;

Images are uploaded to ~/Content/Images/ContentImages

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